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About Stainless Steel Cutting

Tips for laser cutting 1: Adjustment of focus, speed, and power.

Focus adjustment is allows you to alter the focal length of the laser cutting head when you need to cut metal plates of varying thicknesses.

Stainless steel:
1. Focus increase, the cutting surface will become brighter.
2. Lowering the focus, the cutting surface will be rougher.
3. Hard hanging burrs may appear on the bottom surface of the plate for the following reasons: The focus is too high, the speed is too low, or the pressure is too small.
4. Possible reasons for soft hanging burrs on the bottom surface: focus too low, speed is too fast, the pressure is too small, or the power is too high.
5. Failure to cut through the plate entirely: Focus is not at the proper height, the laser power is too low, or the speed is too high.

Carbon steel:
1. Hard hanging burrs on bottom surface: focus is too low, speed is too fast or the pressure and power is too small.
2. Possible reasons for a rough cutting surface: focus is too high, the pressure is too high, and power is too high. It is also possible to have defects in the material.

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