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High Quality Metal Cutting Equipment - Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal products are scattered across all of the things we see and use every day. Jewelry, tableware, our phones are all small metal products that have become so commonplace that we no longer even think about the materials that they are made from. Cars, ships, and planes, are all made from metals and it would be unimaginable to think of a time in which we didn't use metal products in our lives. Traditional metal cutting equipment uses various cutting sources such as flam, plasma, water jet, and wire cutting. These are not always suitable for the high speed cutting or the precision needed for large-scale sheet metal processing. To solve this, we work on the advancement of laser cutting machines. Our Metal laser cutting machines are divided into three categories: CO2 laser cutting machines, YAG laser cutting machines, and fiber laser cutting machines. Customers flock to fiber cutting equipment because it has an indisputable advantage with high cutting speed, efficiency and stability.

Fiber laser cutting machines produced by DNE Laser feature an electro-optical conversion rate up to 25%. The actual utilization rate is 3-5 times that of CO2 laser cutting machines and the cutting speed is considerably higher than CO2 lasers with the same power. Fiber laser cutting machines feature low consumption, low cost, and require very little maintenance. DNE Laser is the largest producer of fiber laser cutting machines in China. In 2016, through a joint venture, DNE Laser and Bystronic Group successfully created a new brand, Bystronic DNE Laser. We became a formal member of their production group and we continue to provide customers with outstanding cutting processing techniques and technology through thorough research and development.