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How to use Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Textile Industry

Our sheet metal laser cutting technology can be applied in the textile industry. DNE laser cutters utilize relative coordinates to achieve a significantly high level of accuracy with bending requirements that are also gradually increased. For cutting products less than 1.25 times the thickness of the hole, laser cutting is not desirable. The equipment could blast holes that are too large, bend lines too close to the hole from the slot, or bend the workpiece after completion of the slot hole. The laser cutter used on proper workpieces allows for shaped pieces to be produced without bending lines. The CNC machine tools allow for high machining precision and reduce the difficulty of the scribe and bending process.

Laser cutting machine templates are widely used in a number of different scribing processes. Below is a crossed template. It allows for the laser cutting hole to be more accurate and determine the bending centerline.

Laser cutting machines adapt to the requirements of small batch production as laser cutting equipment can perform punching without a mold and rapidly produce new products with minimal setup time. The high processing flexibility of these lasers is due to the adjustment of various features for easy operation. The slot holes before bending and other processing projects are completed with excellent results and efficiency.

Our laser sheet metal processing machines feature narrow kerf cutting quality and a small heat-effected zone. In the production process, in order to reduce welding, the material should be properly selected in order to achieve the desired results. The proper material selection strengthens the bending process and minimizes welding, improving the performance of the structure and appearance.