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DNE is a member of Bystronic, our company is a specialized manufacturer of fiber laser cutting system. Here we list some guide items of the laser cutting technology and laser cutting machines. If these points cannot solve your doubts about the fiber laser cutting technique and our machines, please send us message. We will help you to know more information about cutting materials, machine components and even troubleshooting.

  • Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Materials

  • DNE laser cutting machines are most commonly used for the cutting of metal sheet. Our high quality laser cutters are outfitted with advanced technology that cuts through various metal materials with ease. The metals are listed and discussed below: Fiber Laser Machine Cutting Mild Steel

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  • High Quality Metal Cutting Equipment - Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Metal products are scattered across all of the things we see and use every day. Jewelry, tableware, our phones are all small metal products that have become so commonplace that we no longer even think about the materials that they are made from. Cars, ships, and planes, are all made from metals and it would be unimaginable to think of a time in which we didn't use metal products in our lives. Traditional metal cutting equipment uses various cutting sources such as flam, plasma, water jet, and wire cutting. These are not always suitable for the high speed cutting or the precision needed for large-scale sheet metal processing. To solve this, we work on the advancement of laser cutting machines. Our Metal laser cutting machines are divided into three categories: CO2 laser cutting machines, YAG laser cutting machines, and fiber laser cutting machines.

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  • About Stainless Steel Cutting

  • Bystronic DNE Laser continuously develops new and exciting technologies in the realm of optical laser cutting machines. Our drive towards excellence is fueled by a desire to lead the global market in laser cutting equipment and explore the untapped potential of the technology and its applications. All of the demands of customers across various fields can be met by the solid technology developed by DNE. Our equipment is outstanding, we employ highly dedicated professionals, and we offer sincere services.

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  • DNE Laser Cutting Machine

  • There are some materials that are highly reflective that diminish the cutting power of conventional CO2 lasers. Some of these materials include aluminum, copper, and brass. DNE laser technology was developed through in depth research on the properties of these materials and we were able to introduce advanced laser systems configured for metal cutting through variable laser beam outputs.
    Our cutting machines are ideal for cutting a wide range of metals with various thicknesses. Manufacturers of construction equipment, kitchenware, copper and brass gaskets, food processing equipment, and aerospace machines require the performance specifications of our laser cutting technology.

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  • How to use Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Textile Industry

  • Our sheet metal laser cutting technology can be applied in the textile industry. DNE laser cutters utilize relative coordinates to achieve a significantly high level of accuracy with bending requirements that are also gradually increased. For cutting products less than 1.25 times the thickness of the hole, laser cutting is not desirable. The equipment could blast holes that are too large, bend lines too close to the hole from the slot, or bend the workpiece after completion of the slot hole. The laser cutter used on proper workpieces allows for shaped pieces to be produced without bending lines. The CNC machine tools allow for high machining precision and reduce the difficulty of the scribe and bending process.
    Laser cutting machine templates are widely used in a number of different scribing processes. Below is a crossed template. It allows for the laser cutting hole to be more accurate and determine the bending centerline.

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  • Laser Cutting and Kitchen Hardware Relationship

  • Laser cutting is a technology that was not very common until recently but it has revolutionized the production of products we use every day. Today there is fierce competition when it comes to the production of laser equipment. All kinds of steel laser cutting machines, laser inkjet printers, and much more are used in the kitchenware industry. Fiber lasers are used to cut utensils and appliances that are found in kitchens everywhere. The laser technology allows for cheap labor through automation to solve the problems caused by increases in the cost of production.
    Laser technology has completely changed the way we produce kitchenware. Stainless steel utensils, cookware, and appliances are all made from materials that have been processed through high efficiency, precision laser cutting technologies. Metal laser cutting machines have become the jewel of the kitchenware industry.

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  • Laser Cutting will become an Important Processing Technique

  • Laser cutting is the most widely used method of laser processing that makes up 70% of the use cases when it comes to laser applications in manufacturing. Compared to other cutting methods, the most significant advantages of laser cutting is the high speed, precision, and adaptability of laser cutting machines. The lasers can cut clean through carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics, quartz, and other metal and nonmetal materials. The lasers produce a fine slot, with a small heat-affected zone, and operate almost noiselessly. The automated functionality also minimizes production costs.
    Sheet metal laser cutting machines replace some outdated production methods that require large complex molds.

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  • How to deal with Laser Cutting Problems

  • Sometimes glitches can be found when cutting workpieces using laser sheet metal cutting machines. This can cause the user to believe that their laser cutter is malfunctioning. We are here to tell you that is not always the case. Here are some reasons the processing of sheet metal can result in glitches.
    The primary reason burrs can appear when cutting sheet metal is due to the high-energy laser causing rapid vaporization on the surface of the workpiece. Assist gas is vaporized when a workpiece is superheated and blown off slag can build up. If assist gas is not used, then, after cooling the slag, it will form a burr attached to the cutting surface.

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  • Configuration of Laser Cutting Equipment

  • The configurations of the metal laser cutting machine directly affect the quality of cutting. The specific performance effects are listed below according to the component.

    1. Stepper motor: this is a vital component of the laser cutter and it determines the processing speed of the cutting unit.
    2. Laser lenses: fiber laser cutting machines are optical devices, so the lenses might be the most important components to maintain a high level of performance. High quality lenses are absolutely necessary to the performance of the laser cutting equipment.

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