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DNE Laser Focuses on the Production of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines and Can Provide Various Types of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines With High Cutting Efficiency.
Fiber Laser Cutting Materials
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Mild SteelFiber Laser Cutting Mild Steel
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Stainless Steel
  • Fiber Laser Cutting AluminiumFiber Laser Cutting Aluminium
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Copper and BrassFiber Laser Cutting Copper and Brass
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Galvanized Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Galvanized Steel
Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting
  • The most important and significant advantage of fiber cutting technology is its energy efficiency, which is firstly reflected in electro-optical conversion efficiency. For each power unit of the CO2 cutting system, the actual general utilization rate is about 8% to 10%. For fiber laser cutting systems, the energy efficiency can be increased to more than 86%.
  • Fiber lasers have shorter wavelengths, so the laser beam can be absorbed by cutting material easily. Fiber lasers can cut brass, copper, and non-conductive materials.
  • A more focused beam produces a smaller focal point and deeper focal depth, which can cut thinner materials faster and materials of medium thickness more efficiently.
  • For a kilowatt leveled CO2 laser cutter, the maintenance cost of the resonator alone could reach $20,000 per year. However, fiber laser cutting machines require almost no maintenance.
  • Fiber laser cutting systems require less cooling and significantly reduce energy consumption and emit less CO2, so fiber laser cutting machine is more environmentally friendly.

Laser cutting machine is an indispensable processing equipment in industrial manufacturing field, which is commonly seen in industries of automobile, advertising, industrial equipment, etc. Because of the highly focused beam that can produce smaller focal points and deeper focal depths, fiber laser cutting equipment can quickly cut thinner materials and medium thickness materials more effectively. Take a 6mm-thick material as an example, the cutting speed of 1.5kw fiber laser cutting system is equivalent to that of the 3kW carbon dioxide laser cutting system.

Shenzhen DNE is a listed Sino-Swiss Joint Venture by Bystronic and DNE, which mainly work on the innovation of laser cutting technology. Bystronic was first appealed in 1964, headquarter is in Niederönz, Switzerland. Bystronic is a global provider of sheet metal processing solutions. Shenzhen DNE is a member of Bystronic, offers high power fiber laser cutting machines (2000W-12,000W) and medium power laser cutting machines (less than 2000W). DNE Laser has developed several series of laser cutting equipment with high laser beam quality.